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October glory Red maple

Acer Rubrum October Glory

The Acer Rubrum is the emblematic tree of Canada, it takes its name from its foliage colour which evolves into bright red in autumn. Very beautiful isolated tree or alignment. October glory Red maple is a cultivar with conical and compact port.
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Height at maturity 15 m
Wingspan at maturity 10 m
Exposure Sun, partial shade
Flowering March - April
Hardiness -30°C
Origin North America (East)

The Acer Rubrum October Glory, more commonly known as October glory Red maple, is a favourite choice for those looking to add a touch of majesty and colour to their garden. This tree, which is adorned with bright red foliage in fall, offers a striking visual spectacle that symbolizes the richness of the Canadian seasons. Its conical, compact habit makes it an excellent choice for a variety of landscaping designs, whether as a standalone centrepiece or lining it to create an impressive driveway.

The robustness of October glory Red maple is undeniable, capable of withstanding temperatures down to -30°C, making it an ideal candidate for cold climates and harsh winters. Its bright red, early blooms, from March to April, are a welcome sign of spring renewal, adding interest to your garden as soon as winter ends. Native to eastern North America, this maple thrives in rich, well-drained soil, preferring a sunny exposure or partial shade.

With a mature height of 15 meters and a spread of 10 meters, October glory Red maple is grown in a mixture of garden soil and heather soil, the latter is recommended to promote its vibrant red colours in the fall and for healthy and vigorous growth. Whether you plan to create a country hedge or enjoy the solitary beauty of this tree, the Acer Rubrum October Glory will suit your gardening projects.

By choosing the Acer Rubrum October Glory, you are choosing a tree that will not only beautify your outdoor space, but will also contribute to local biodiversity, attracting a variety of beneficial birds and insects. It's an investment in the lasting beauty and ecology of your garden. Be captivated by the natural elegance and autumnal splendour of October glory Red maple, and bring a piece of Canadian heritage into your own green space.


  • Common name : October glory Red maple
  • Family : Acéraceae
  • Category : tree
  • Spread : 10 m
  • Foliage : deciduous
  • Use : isolated, country hedge
  • Soil : rich and well-drained
  • Habit : compact
  • Earth to use : 50% universal potting soil and 50% heath earth
  • Enemies : mite, caterpillar, cochineal
  • Possible diseases : scab, rot, black spot

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