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By Vittorio B. (Brussels, Belgium) on 31 May 2023 :

Product rated : White Jasmine The plants arrived before expected in a well-made package. No signs of...

By Jerzy N. (Janowice, Poland) on 03 Nov. 2022 :

Product rated : Sweet chestnut from Lyon Thank you. The plants arrived in good condition.

By Jelena T. (Tallinn, Estonia) on 25 Oct. 2022 :

Product rated : Phantom Panicle Hydrangea !!!Thank you, I am very satisfied, the plants are perfectly packed, fast...

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Bamboo is a beautiful ornamental plant that can add interest and variety to any garden. It grows very quickly so can be used to create plant screens or windbreaks in a short space of time, it is also perfect in a bed, stand alone or in a pot as long as it is large enough. We place a lot of emphasis on the Fargesia species as it is perfect for small gardens, generally only reaching a height of 2-4 metres depending on the variety, but its major advantage is that it is non-spreading. Fargesia bamboos are clumping, which means that they produce new stems from the ground around the main plant creating a clump, slowly increasing their spread over time. This makes them much easier to manage than common types of bamboo, which can quickly become invasive if not controlled by root barriers.