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Red chokecherry

Aronia Arbutifolia Brilliant

The Aronia arbutifolia Brilliant is appreciated for its many interests, for its red fruits which are used to make delicious jams. These remain in place until the middle of winter and make the feast of the birds. Also appreciated for its decorative appearance, its pretty fragrant flowers...
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Height at maturity 2/3M
Wingspan at maturity 2M
Exposure Sun, partial shade
Flowering april-may
Hardiness -30°C
Origin North America

Aronia arbutifolia Brillant or Red chokecherry is a deciduous shrub which offers white flowers in spring, followed by edible red berries in autumn. Its leaves also take on beautiful orange-red colours this season, making it a decorative asset for the garden.

To cultivate Aronia arbutifolia Brillant in the garden, you must choose a sunny or partial shade location, sheltered from strong winds. It appreciates fresh, humus and well-drained soil, but also tolerates limestone or sandy soils. It is necessary to water regularly the first year of planting, then in the event of prolonged drought. Mulching at the foot helps conserve soil moisture and limits weeds.


  • Common name : Red chokecherry
  • Family : Rosaceae
  • Category : fruit tree
  • Spread : 2M
  • Foliage : deciduous
  • Color of flowers : white
  • Fruit : red berries from 4 to 7 mm
  • Harvest : edible late summer early fall
  • Use : hedges, shrubbery, isolated
  • Soil : Acid or neutral
  • Habit : Spreading
  • Growth : average
  • Earth to use : 50% universal potting soil and 50% heath earth
  • Enemies : nothing to report
  • Possible diseases : resistant to diseases

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